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Apollo Migration details.

Apes Together passes will migrate to three NFTs in early autumn 2022.

An Apollo Rite on both Stacks and Ethereum. Used to access the Apollo.xyz smart contract generation application.

A non-transferable Apes Together Memorandum for Megapont and other Apes Together projects where it acts as a technology partner.

* If you trade or sell your access pass before the migration, you will not be eligible to take part.

The founder—Mark McKenzie.

Mark(Mrk) is the founder of Megapont, MegaKongs, Monkosaurs and part of the technology team on The Weirdos. He's been building on crypto for years and well before NFTs or ICOs were a thing.

Before web3, Mark was leading data science and technology teams at companies such as Primer and Vizibl and was part of the Arcarta founding team.

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Mint Details.


Mint open until September 25, 2022

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